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We are proud to announce the availability of HAMVIEW, a program to dig out weak signals buried in noise, functionally similar to the excellent FFTDSP of AF9Y, but with the added bonus of real time audio filtering of the incoming signals. Just point and click with the mouse, and the selected signal will stand out from the QRM and noise.

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 version 2.10 >>>>
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 Version 2.21 is out ! Download it from the link below. And please report any bug you may find.

View the README file
View the HISTORY file
   version 2.21 >>>>
(no more clicks...)

Use this WAV file to test the filtering capabilities of HAMVIEW

This is a sample screen, showing the EME signal of W5UN during the December 1998 EME Contest, received with just one Yagi in a noisy environment. It was not possible to copy it by just listening. The signal was too weak, and the background noise too high. On this sample screen it is possible to see a very faint carrier at 50.110 MHz, of unknown origin. The signal was so weak that it was completely buried in the band noise and it was totally inaudible.
W5UN EME signal Faint carrier on 50 MHz

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If you have a Texas Instruments TMS 320C50 DSK, you might also be interested in  DSPBOX,  a program that makes your DSK behave like a commercial noise-reduction unit, like the NIR-12, the TimeWave 599+, and other similar equipments.    You can find it  here

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