History file for HAMVIEW
Versions prior to 2.05 haven't been tracked down... and they haven't been     publicly released.
      V 2.05     July 14th, 1998
            East-West indicator added

         V 2.06    August 1st, 1998
            Fixed bug in handling of the BLASTER variable

         V 2.10     November 28th, 1998
            New INI file management (many more settings are now remembered)
            Passthrough mode (useful when tuning, as the audio delay is suppressed)
            Now both output channels are driven (this was a bug in the previous versions)
            The output volume is adjustable with cursor Up and Down keys
            The local time is diplayed at the full minute
            New graphics library, which means more compatibility with various video cards
            The East/West indicator has been moved to the bottom of the display
            Improved .WAV files management
            Medium speed and Fast speed modes added, dynamically changeable from the keyboard
            A few bugs have been exterminated

            V 2.20     May 10th, 1999
            Audio delay reduced to about one tenth of a second between input and output
            Separate processing paths for audio and spectral display. Denoiser now affects audio only
            Input Gain is now adjustable from 0 to 31 in the INI file
            Input Source is selectable between Line and Mike inputs in the INI file
            The EME period, 2 minutes in the previous version, is now adjustable in the INI file
            The Denoiser effectiveness has been improved for CW
            Still more bugs have been chased down and exterminated (but some do remain)

               V 2.21     May 27th, 1999
               Sound Blaster timing initialization modified, to avoid clicks
            Tracking is now limited by the bounds of the bandpass filter only when this filter is active