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Hello, fellow OM. My name is Alberto, and you can see my QSL below.
From this page you can download the program DSPBOX.
What is DSPBOX? Good question, click here  to discover it.

Ok, if you still want to download it, be my guest !     download DSPBOX now !

Exciting news ! Are you into EME, SETI or VLF ? If yes, then you might be interested in SPECTRAN or HAMVIEW, two spectral analysis and real-time filtering programs that needs no additional hardware besides your Pentium PC equipped with a Sound Blaster card.

They are freely downloadable from here



If you like DSPBOX, or if you have suggestions for improvements, please contact me :

Alberto di Bene, I2PHD
Left: ten years ago
Right: today (Oct. 2004)


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