Version 0.99 is available for beta testers

by Alberto  I2PHD

What is a Software Defined Radio?

Joe Mitola says, "A software radio is a radio whose channel modulation waveforms are defined in software. That is, waveforms are generated as sampled digital signals, converted from digital to analog via a wideband DAC and then possibly upconverted from IF to RF. The receiver, similarly, employs a wideband Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) that captures all of the channels of the software radio node. The receiver then extracts, downconverts and demodulates the channel waveform using software on a general purpose processor." [1] 

SDRadio is only a subset of the above definition, dealing only with the receiver part, and the ADC is not exactly wideband, but it is what is offered by the majority of today's sound cards, i.e. either 48 or 96 kHz. Nevertheless it can be considered as a first step in that direction.





click here to download a self-extracting package
click here if you need the previous Version 0.95
  click here to download the untested Version 1.00

(just a word of caution : in its present form SDRadio needs at least a 400 MHz Pentium II. Don't try with less)

please report bugs and errors using
the discussion group soft_radio 

A nice hardware that can be used with SDRadio is the recent project by the AMQRP club, the SoftRock40 (now V5)


SDRadio can also be used with simple mixers that
do not produce I/Q outputs, albeit with the tunable
bandwidth reduced to 24 kHz from the original 48.
An example of a commercial HW useable with 
SDRadio to implement an HF receiver can be found here 


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