Jason is a weaksignal communication program, especially tailored for LF work.

Please download the  package (which includes also the technical document) and test it.
I need your feedback to make it work better, thanks.


The new features of Version 0.99 are:

- Audio output with quadrature components, ready for a phasing
  up conversion.

- Adjustable amplitude and phase balance between the I/Q outputs.

- Some minor bugs corrected.

The new features of Version 0.98 are:

- Three speeds (Slow, Normal and Fast) each with a Turbo mode to double 
   the throughput when the SNR is good

- The beacon text can be read from a file, with auto updating

- A text capture function can be triggered by a given sequence of characters 

- The decoder has been slightly improved
  Download Jason V0.99
Download only the technical document about Jason V0.99







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