Winrad change log

Latest (and last)Version : 1.32

Version 0.90 Build 20 - Initial release on February 25th, 2006

Version 0.90 Build 21 - Released on March 7th, 2006

  • Mouse captured by the SPx Avg combo boxes - fixed.
  • Winrad now remembers between sessions the last directory visited when opening Wav files.
  • Averaging now optionally applicable to the two waterfalls.
  • CW Peak code tweaked.
  • Some minor aesthetic retouches.

Version 1.0 - Released on May 21st, 2006

  • ASIO buffer size different from 512 now doesn't cause any more problems
  • When playing back a wav file the input side of the sound card is left free (unused)
  • LO frequency settable for the correct display of the received frequency
  • High quality windowed sinc fractional resampler to cope both with non-standard sampling rates (e.g. when used with external HW that does its own digitizing, bypassing the sound card), and with sampling rate errors (very frequent) of the sound cards, that could cause buffer underflow/overflow.
  • Modified the AGC behavior with the introduction of a very short hang.
  • Denoiser slightly modified.
  • Support via an external DLL for the SDR-14 hardware.
  • Extensive use of DDT for bugs extermination.

Version 1.01- Released on June 16th, 2006

  • Support for the new SDR-14 sampling rate of  196,078 Hz for a viewable bandwidth of 190 kHz
  • Support for the new IQoffset feature of the SDR-14 that reduces the amplitude of the peak at mid band.
  • Improved convergence of the algorithm that tries to find the optimal decimation ratio.
  • The wideband spectrum panel now displays the bandpass limits also in CW mode.
  • Pressing the key 'Z' on the keyboard has the same effect as clicking on the 'Zap' button.
  • Some code tweaking here and there.

Version 1.2 - Released on October 30th, 2006

  • ASIO support completely rewritten
  • Max sampling rate 192 kHz
  • Display of the external LO frequency and of the actual reception frequency
  • Some refinements of the Noise Blanker and of the Noise Reduction
  • The level meter now has an S-units scale
  • The image rejection calibration now acts on the amplitude and phase, instead of delay
  • The averaging range for the upper waterfall has been expanded at user request
  • Some minor aesthetic touches
  • A few minor bugs have been corrected

Version 1.21 - Released on November 12th, 2006

  • Optional delay of one sample insertable either on the left or on the right channel
  • Looping option added to WAV file playback
  • Pressing the key 'H' on the keyboard opens the GUI of the external hardware DLL

Version 1.22 - Released on November 27th, 2006

  • Fixed an error introduced with the WAV files looping option
  • Added a progress bar when playing WAV files
  • Corrected the amplitude display in the two spectra

Version 1.23 - Released on January 20th, 2007

  • Modified the support of the external I/O DLL to make it consistent with the published specs.
  • The LO and Tune displays exchanged of place on the Winrad screen
  • Tweaked the upper waterfall/spectrum timer

Version 1.24 - Released on February 13th, 2007

  • Released revised specifications on how to write a DLL to support external hardware, with new functions added.
  • Modified again the support of the external I/O DLL to make it consistent with the published specs.
  • Released one external I/O DLL to support the RFspace SDR-IQ (in addition to the SDR-14)
  • Added the possibility to disable the auto-adjustment of the volume slider
  • Streamlined the code with a substantial reduction of the Winrad CPU load

Version 1.24 build 30 - Released on March 3rd, 2007

  • Added a new status managed by the callback function : 102 ==> LO frequency changed using the GUI of the external DLL
  • Released the external I/O DLL to support the SDR-X receiver

Version 1.25 build 31 - Released on xxxxxxxx, 2007

  • If the LO frequency is changed with the Ctrl key kept pressed on the keyboard,
    the NCO frequency is modified in a way to not change the tuning

Version 1.30 build 13 - Released on December 31st, 2007

  • New AM, ECSS demodulators
  • With ECSS the user can select between the LSB, the USB or both
  • Correct management of WAV files of 16, 24 bit integers and 32 bit floats
  • New DRM mode with output bandwidth of 12 kHz
  • Option to select among multiple ExtIO DLLs
  • CPU load reduction by placing the fractional resampler after a dynamically reconfigurable prescaler
  • The status bar for WAV playback is now clickable, to fast forward or fast rewind the playback
  • The WAV file played back has now its name displayed
  • One to four samples delay insertable on the left or on the right channel, to accomodate for the EMU-1212M
  • Real time display of the frequency and the dB level that follows the mouse cursor
  • AGC hang time slightly lengthened.
  • Speed slider curve changed
  • Input selection is now a radio-button
  • Volume lock status is now remembered between sessions
  • Mute button added
  • Past expiry date, the program still works, only a warning is issued
  • Some optimizations and errors correction here and there   

Version 1.31 build 10 - Released on April 2nd, 2008

  • Mute button position fixed
  • AGC switchable On / Off
  • Bug fix : floating point overflow
  • WAV file > 2GB are now supported
  • Display of WAV running date/time
  • Floating mouse cursor display bugs fixed
  • Random lockups problem fixed
  • Keyboard shortcuts added for frequency (copy & paste possible), mode change and filters
  • ECSS lock improved
  • Support added for two new external I/O data formats : 32 bit integers and 32 bit floats (normalized to 1.)

Version 1.32 build 13 - Released on September 3rd, 2008

  • - Wideband, IQ recording into a WAV file of the signal input to Winrad with automatic splitting and management of multi-segment files.
  • - Denoiser parameters changed. Now speech should sound more natural.
  • - FM demodulator
  • - S-meter indication corrected (6dB per S-unit)
  • - Flashing lines and upper spectrum freezing bugs corrected
  • - Output sampling rate fixed at 11025 (8000 if input sampling < 11025) (or 24000 if DRM or FM)
  • - 'C' on the keyboard centers the received frequency
  • - Support for new callback codes and functions for External IO DLL
  • - CPU consumption now is lower with the higher sampling rates of Perseus or QS1r

Version 1.32 build 17 - Released on September 6th, 2008

  • Freeze of the upper waterfall when changing palette and the waterfall was running -- fixed
  • Crash in the initialization phase when runng under some versions of Windows 2000 -- fixed
  • ASIO mode screwed up, due to recent changes in the resampling architecture -- fixed